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Air Ambulance
Critical Care Transpt
Blue Sky Aeromedical Commercial Stretcher Service
Critical care Air Ambulance
International Commercial Medal Escort
Critical Air Medical Services
Safe Medevac Services

Critical Care Air Transport

Organized and efficient, Blue Sky Aero Medical will take care of you or your loved ones’ needs.

Critical Care
Air Ambulance

Worldwide service for Critical Care patients in need of an urgent evacuation for a higher level of care. Our critical care air ambulance team has specialized flight-training experience, expertise, and equipment to handle everything from basic to critical care support.

Commercial Airline Stretcher

A great alternative to air ambulance to fly a patient. Available worldwide, we provide medical crew and equipment.

Medical Escort /
Travel Companion

Domestic or international medical repatriations. Senior caregivers and companionship during travels. Our companions assist seniors throughout the entire trip.

Medical Travel Costs

Consultancy services for planning and containing international medical health care costs. Our feasibility analysis overviews potential costs.

Case Managers

Blue Sky Aero Medical, is a critical care air ambulance providing air ambulance transportation anywhere in the World including the United States, Canada, The Caribbean, and Mexico.

When traveling the world, it’s important to feel like you are only one flight away from everything you need, especially in emergency situations. With our Blue Sky Aeromedical transport team, we provide exactly that—24-7 critical care air transport for our valued clients!  

Blue Sky Air Critical Care – Excellence in Service!

As a medically focused organization, we acknowledge the need for immediate and flexible care. That’s why we stand by our “excellence in service” motto. We provide international medical transport and work to maximize patient comfort. Our professional staff boasts proven experience with critical care medicine. From our critical care air ambulance to travel companions, our team is dedicated to fulfilling all your healthcare needs when you’re away from home! 


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Blue Sky Aeromedical to learn more about our critical care air transport services; we’ll gladly answer any remaining questions or concerns. 

"These guys are amazing. They made it possible to transport my sister from Mexico City to Atlanta bed to bed and took care of everything for us, including insurance. David Smith has helped us through everything and followed up with us even after we landed back in the US. If ever in need, I would recommend anyone to these guys. Could not be more thankful for them. 10/10"

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