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Critical Care Air Ambulance 

There’s nothing worse than suffering a medical emergency in an unfamiliar environment, especially when traveling abroad. However, Blue Sky AeroMedical’s team is here for you in any situation, thanks to our fleet of critical care air ambulances. We can deliver the immediate care you need, even when you are thousands of miles away from home.

When you use Blue Sky, you get access to our experienced medical staff in one of our medical air ambulances, which is a private jet modified to operate as a mobile intensive care unit that can provide services anywhere in the world. If you need to move your loved one who is in a compromised medical condition anywhere around the globe, we are here to help.

Our evacuation services provide travelers experiencing a medical emergency with a fully equipped commercial air ambulance to transport them to a healthcare facility. This service is particularly valuable in areas where access to quality medical care may be limited. Medevac flights bridge this gap, ensuring that travelers can promptly receive the necessary care in the event of an unforeseen medical emergency and experience the best possible outcomes when it comes to their health.

Learn more about the different tiers of critical care air ambulance services available at Blue Sky Aeromedical below:

Basic Life Support

In our basic life support services, our medical air ambulances provide care to patients who don’t have immediate life-threatening injuries or conditions. The medical team for this level of care includes a nurse &  paramedic.

Advanced Life Support

When you choose our advanced life support services on one of our commercial air ambulances, you receive a level of medical care that is designed for patients with a critical condition, which may require interventions to maintain clinical stability during transport.  The medical team for this level of care includes a physician (specialist), or nurse & paramedic.

Critical Care Unit

Our critical care unit services specialize in providing care for medical patients who have immediate life-threatening conditions which require extensive and constant vital signs monitoring. Our medical team on our critical care air ambulances includes a physician or nurse (critical care specialist) & paramedic.

You don’t have to take any chances with your health when you are out of the country and away from home. You can rely on Blue Sky AeroMedical to provide you with the care that you need.

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