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International Commercial Airline Stretcher Travel

international commerical stretcher |  medical Escort

An air ambulance transfer is not always necessary to fly a patient, and commercial airline stretcher can be a great alternative. Blue Sky Aero Medical offers international and commercial airline stretcher travel services. This option allows patients to receive expert medical care in a more cost-effective manner than air ambulance. This service requires more time to arrange so it shouldn’t be used if time is of essence or life-threatening conditions exist. This service is only offered on select international carriers for main flight routes.  Once the service is secured, Blue Sky Aero Medical will provide the medical crew necessary for the mission.

Eliminate Travel Woes

Transporting an injured or ill person is extremely complex, especially if the person is unable to sit for the duration of the transfer. During this time, avoiding a medical crisis is a primary goal. The patient arrives at their destination in a safe manner. International nonemergency stretcher transport eliminates travel woes by offering optimal care. A stretcher inside an aircraft can save patients and families thousands of dollars compared to the cost of private air ambulances.

When people need affordable transportation, air stretchers are the best option. Our private medical professionals accompany patients and their families throughout the entire trip. Patients receive the highest level of care and have a trusted expert on their side.

How Do Air Commercial Stretcher Services Work?

The point of air stretcher transport is to assist patients who require air medical transfer because they’re unable to sit in traditional seating. The stretcher grants access to medical care throughout the flight. The accommodation is perfect for those with medical equipment.  

In a typical commercial stretcher transport, Blue Sky Aero Medical will request the airline to block rows of seats on the commercial airliner to allow room for an FAA approved stretcher; The area surrounding the stretcher will have a curtain for patient privacy. All necessary medical crew and equipment for the mission be provided by Blue Sky Aero Medical. 

What Does Travel Look Like?

Depending on the patient’s needs, international and commercial airline stretcher travel varies. However, a standard overview of services includes: 


  • Patient collection from hospital, where medical team provides ground transportation to the airport. 

  • At the airport, the medical crew will help the patient go through security checkpoints and will board the plane on the stretcher. 

  • On the flight, the patient will travel lying down. The medical crew will have equipment and medication on hand to treat the patient (if complications should arise).  

  • At the destination, the patient will leave the flight on the stretcher and the medical crew will transfer them to ground transportation.

  • Under the supervision of our medical crew, the patient arrives at the hospital or appointed care facility.

Advantages of Stretcher Services

There are many benefits to traveling via airline stretcher. For starters, it’s an affordable option compared to private planes. Patients safely arrive at destinations without hassle.

Furthermore, our medical crew provides hands-on care throughout the journey. They carry necessary equipment to create a safe travel environment, thus meeting the highest standards of safety.

International patient transport incorporates bed-to-bed services to all clients. From the moment patients leave the hospital to reaching their destination, they’re under supervision from our staff.

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