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Commercial Airline Stretcher Travel


An air ambulance transfer is not always necessary to fly a patient, and commercial airline stretcher can be a great alternative.  Blue Sky AeroMedical can transport patients on commercial airlines using international commercial stretcher services. This option allows patients to receive expert medical care in a more cost-effective manner than air ambulance. This service requires more time to arrange so it shouldn’t be used if time is of essence or life-threatening conditions exist. This service is only offered on select international carriers for main flight routes.  Once the service is secured, Blue Sky AeroMedical will provide the medical crew necessary for the mission. In a typical commercial stretcher transport, Blue Sky AeroMedical will request the airline to block rows of seats on the commercial airliner to allow room for an FAA approved stretcher; The area surrounding the stretcher will have a curtain for patient privacy. All necessary medical crew and equipment for the mission be provided by Blue Sky AeroMedical .

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