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Contingency Planning and Cost Containment

Air Ambulance services

Contingency Planning

As a Consultancy we are often asked to support all kinds of businesses with contingency planning.  From providing transfer of critical care patient from one hospital to a rehabilitation organization in patients home country to providing cost and feasibility analysis for full emergency medical evacuations of whole groups of individuals travelling in aride conditions. Blue Sky AeroMedical feasibility analysis and cost provides a full plan that covers all eventualities from the cost of bringing in a medical team for injuries and accidents that could be treated on site to the cost of a full evacuation to the nearest adequate facility, and alternative pricing for either a full repatriation or travel to nearby major cites where hospitals that are approved by the insurance company are available.

Critical Care Transport 24/7

Cost Containment

The escalating cost of health care is a national and international focus as the increased cost of health is a central epidemic. Blue Sky AeroMedical has developed several options of health cost containments allowing hospitals and other health organizations to avoid a loss of profit and medical reimbursement while an increase in medical spending is incurred. Blue Sky AeroMedical will provide on a case by case cost containment solution, while taking in account international and national health rules and regulations. Blue Sky AeroMedical cost containment services work on reducing healthcare costs, enhance profitability while maintaining effective collaboration with medical providers and patient’s families.

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