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Senior Travel Companion Services

Seniors shouldn’t travel alone when support services are here to help! Learn about our escort services now.

Ensure Safe Travels

Traveling is challenging for seniors, especially those who are recovering from illnesses or injuries. Airports are overwhelming, even under the best circumstances. Fortunately, Blue Sky Aero Medical offers senior travel companion services to ensure safe travels. We’re here for you or your loved one with our personalized care and companionship. Our professionals accompany seniors throughout the entire journey and assist when needed.  

Our travel escort for seniors can assist with things like: 

  • Providing transportation to the airport  

  • Helping with ground transportation 

  • Carrying luggage  

  • Airport check-in  

  • Getting through security checkpoint 

  • Offering personal care throughout their stay  

Jets Medical

Medical Escort

Blue Sky Aero Medical offers domestic or international medical repatriations.  While recovering from illness of injury, many patients have the comfortable option to still fly on commercial aircraft, with a professional medical escort to accompany them. All our services are bedside-to-bedside, meaning that they include the medical escort(s) assisting a patient at all times, and all necessary ground and airline arrangements.  Our focus is helping people in critical need of medical care.

Why Medical Escorts Are Worth It

In many cases, commercial flights are the most feasible way to transport seniors to specific destinations. We recognize that recovering from illnesses and injuries are difficult, and traveling can be strenuous. Travel escort for seniors are professionals who assist you or your loved one every step of the way.

Coordinating boarding, handling medical equipment, and confirming arrangements at a receiving facility are a few things we offer. If a medical situation does arise, our escorts have the appropriate training to mitigate the situation.

Medical escorts are efficient solutions for traveling because they’re highly trained and put senior needs first! You can’t put a price on the safety and well-being of seniors.

Air Medical Services Transport

Travel Companion

With Blue Sky Aero Medical's  Travel Companion Program we provide senior caregivers and companionship during travels. Whether on a cruise, staying at a resort, sightseeing, or simply visiting family or friends, Blue Sky Aero Medical makes every effort to make the evacuation as comfortable as possible by providing qualified travel companions while accommodating the needs of the travelers. Our travel companion can help throughout the entire stay,  as they have several years of international travel experience, and have been subject to a thorough background check.

Benefits of Travel Companions

Whether seniors are recovering from illnesses/injuries or want to attend special events, traveling is tricky. Mobility issues or anxiety makes long-distance trips daunting. Adult children may feel uneasy about their loved ones making the trip alone. Our senior travel companion services grant peace of mind for our clients as they travel to their destinations.

Our companions make travel safe and stress-free because they navigate the entire transportation process. Gone are the days of managing heavy luggage or missing airport terminals. Our trained staff is hands-on and ready to escort our clients on long-distance trips.

Our companions assist throughout the entire stay. They help seniors attend excursions, sightseeing tours, special events, and much more! Travel companions are here for you or your loved ones’ needs.

Personal care services are a significant part of companionship. Like caregivers, companions assist with hygiene, grooming, meals, and medication.

The exceptional care makes traveling a better experience for seniors. Our goal is to get seniors to and from destinations safely.

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