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The importance of air medical services cannot be overstated, particularly for travelers vacationing abroad. When unexpected health situations arise, it is paramount to have access to reliable, professional care that can swiftly respond and provide the necessary assistance. Blue Sky Aeromedical is a leading name among air ambulance companies, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure safe and efficient medical transportation to a capable healthcare facility.

Some health emergencies might require one of our private air ambulances, but it is more likely that you will only require additional assistance on your commercial flight to ensure safe passage back home. In these situations, our Blue Sky Aeromedical team is here to help! From trained medical escort air travel services to commercial airline stretcher accommodations, we have the experience and resources to ensure a safe and comfortable return trip. Learn more about our industry-leading air medical services and discover why Blue Sky Aeromedical is your top option for international health situations! 

Medical Escort

Not every medical situation requires a full-fledged air ambulance. That’s why we provide medical escort air travel for commercial flights. This service is designed for medically stable patients who may require oxygen administration, basic monitoring, medication, and more assistance. 

Commercial Airline Stretcher

A commercial airline stretcher is a great alternative to a traditional air ambulance and one of our many effective air medical services here at Blue Sky Aeromedical. This option allows patients to receive expert medical care in a more cost-effective manner, as not every medical situation requires a full-fledged air ambulance. That’s why we provide medical escort air travel for commercial international flights. air ambulance. This service requires more time to arrange, so it shouldn’t be used if time is of the essence or life-threatening conditions exist. This service is only offered on select international carriers for main flight routes. Once the service is secured, Blue Sky Aeromedical will provide the medical crew necessary for the mission.

Travel Companion

Travel companions are trained caretakers who help travelers with disabilities or other health complications complete their return trip safely and comfortably. These helpful aides are by your side from when you depart for the airport to when you walk through your front door! Travel companions can assist with a wide range of accommodations for travelers in stable conditions, including medication administration, basic monitoring, and more.

Contact our friendly Blue Sky Aeromedical team today to learn more about our air medical services. Discover our other lifesaving services available for international travelers, including fully-equipped air ambulances for more life-threatening healthcare emergencies. Experience more and worry less during your next trip with Blue Sky Aeromedical!

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