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About Blue Sky AeroMedical

Blue Sky AeroMedical is a medically focused organization offering immediate and flexible worldwide bedside-to-bedside repatriation service. We specialize in Critical Care Air Ambulance, Commercial Medical Escort and Airline Stretcher services. We handle all arrangements tailored to each specific medical case as specified by the customer and reviewed by our 24hr on-call Medical Director.

We are a recognized fully insured company with an established track record of uncompromising service and impeccable customer satisfaction. Our multicultural staff and medical crew include Critical Care Doctors, Nurses & highly skilled Firefighter Paramedics with proven experience in adult and pediatric critical care medicine.


Our operational team is comprised of highly experienced Flight Coordinators

(Licensed Dispatchers) specializing in ground and air transportation allowing us to coordinate all aspects of the evacuation for maximum patient comfort all the while providing an economical solution. Our Flight Coordinators understand the importance of staying in communication with the clients as well as assisting family members from beginning to end.


Our team is organized as a round-the-clock operation physically located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Our main focus is to provide the highest level of care to our patients and the companies that insure them; therefore, we have established strategic partnerships with other international medical providers who share our same passion, principles and business practices to deliver the highest level of care in the industry.


Our Motto

“Excellence inService”


Operational Management Team

Rosy Gonzalez,
Director of Business Development

Rosy is a veteran air-ambulance and medical escort dispatcher and sales person with 21 years of international experience. 

Rafael Meade,
Chief Operating Officer, Worldwide Operations

Rafael's experience includes nearly 15 years in air ambulance, medical escort and aviation dispatch worldwide. 

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